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Whole30 is changing our lives

Whole30 is changing our lives

In September of 2016, after a disturbing lab report from the doctor, I knew I needed to make changes if I wanted to be healthy and live. I embarked on my first Whole30 (learn more about Whole30 here) and it was truly eye opening. First, I stuck to it for…

Why I deprive myself

Why I deprive myself

This post could also be called, “why I do the Whole30”. Kinda the same, right? 🙂 Isn’t that really what an elimination diet or a reset is? A form of depriving ourselves for a time to reach a goal? We take away an immediate desire to gain a long term…

God places people in families

God puts families together

  I am more convinced than ever that God puts families together.  Often through birth.  Sometimes through marriage.  And, sometimes through adoption.  Our family has a little bit of everything.  I am so thankful God has put our family together. Our family began to form on June 5th, 2009 when…


Why do I give my son gluten?

Why do I give my son gluten? This is a picture of our youngest son. He just turned 6. As a family we took him to The Spaghetti Factory. We have spent many special times here. It was a special occasion so I let him order whatever he wanted…this time…

Have you lost your joy

Have you lost your joy?

I wake up in the morning and launch into my day. Check in on social media…breakfast and lunches to make. Showers to take…mine can wait. Is everyone ready to get out the door to their commitments? Animals…did they eat? Do they have water? One to take to kindergarten…hope we make…

I was uninvited to my sons bday party

I was uninvited to my son’s birthday party

Can you believe it…I was uninvited to my son’s birthday party! I was so shocked! It happened just like that! Let me give you some background. Yesterday was my son’s 6th birthday…we celebrated as a family on Sunday after church and it was a blast…we played mini golf, we played…


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