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Clean Pantry (made from a bookcase!)

A Cleaner and More Organized Pantry

Have you ever noticed that the messier your pantry gets, the less creative your cooking is? I have noticed it on more than one occasion about my own pantry and cooking. When it is all cluttered, it is difficult to see what I have to work with. Also, when there…

Cooking Day

Cooking Day…Tacos, Soup, Chicken Salad, Enchiladas and Fresh Pinto Beans Day

Today I had a marathon cooking afternoon! I went to the store and when I returned home, instead of putting everything away, I cooked first. My motivation? This week is packed full of fun-filled things to do! I didn’t want to default to greasy, flavorless take-out. And, I didn’t want…

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start….

No, that isn’t a new refrigerator…it is FINALLY clean! 🙂 Right about now, I am wishing I had taken an embarrassing before photo. Then, this would look like a bigger “fresh start”. But, let’s just say that three hours later, it now looks like this. Yes, I said three hours….


Back in the Saddle (or Mason Jar) Again…

I don’t know about you, but the holidays threw me for an organizational loop. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, some travel thrown in here and there, and fighting a severe bout of Bronchitis, my fridge was a MESS! The drawers were full of random veggies, the shelves were scattered with…

Christmas Pictures Year Around

Christmas Card Photos…All Year Long

Our family gets so excited to receive Christmas cards, letters and photos from people we know and love. We hang them all by ribbon and they cover one wall in our dining room. Then, there is the sad day when we take them all down. A couple of years ago,…

Party Planning Tips

On the heels of our 5th Annual New Year’s Eve Gathering, party planning is on my mind. So, I thought I would take a some time to explain how I prepare for a party that I can enjoy as much as our guests do. It is no surprise that hosting…

New Year’s Eve Open House

Happy New Year! Each year, our family invites 50 or 60 families to join us at some point in the evening for a New Year’s Eve Open House. We are never quite sure who will be able to make it so there is always an element of surprise. 🙂 This…


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