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Very Inspiring Blog Award

Last week Teresa, from Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen, nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. I am just now able to take the time for this post, though I would have liked to do it sooner. I am so humbled by this nomination and grateful that “My Life as Robin’s Wife” is inspiring. I have so enjoyed the “likes” and comments about my recipes and posts and am grateful to each person who takes the time to read what I have written.

If you have a moment, stop by Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen and check out her wonderful recipes and stories. You will be glad you did!


1. Link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Nominate 15 bloggers to receive the award.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself.


1. Frugal Feeding
2. Loving Life at Home
3. Eat Love Run
4. Dawn Along the Path Less Traveled
5. Hemmed In
6. I Have Been Young
7. Patrick Latter (beautiful photos!)
8. The Pioneer Woman
9. Six Sisters Stuff
10. The “E” Wife
11. Grace to You
12. Girl Talk
13. Smitten Kitchen
14. Tasty Kitchen
15. Tim Challies

7 Facts about “Robin’s Wife”:

1. I love God and His Word (the Bible) and am forever grateful for His Son Jesus.
2. I have a new sewing machine…but really need to learn how to sew better
3. We home educate our children and count it an immense privilege.
4. My husband an I are passionate about adoption and working toward our first adoption!
5. I enjoy drinking a “grande cup of coffee in a venti cup.”
6. I enjoy cool, breezy days. They are so refreshing and relaxing to me!
7. The last one is from my husband…he wants to tell you that he calls me “Diane full of Grace”. 🙂
8. BONUS: It is easier for me to write 7 interesting facts about my husband and children. 🙂

Thank you again to Teresa for nominating me! And, thank you to each of you for reading! Blessings!

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