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My Whole 30 Experience


Have you heard of Whole 30? I have and I am so glad! About a 8 months ago, a friend of mine embarked on the Whole 30 journey and while I wanted to join her, the timing wasn’t right.

About 50 days ago she was doing Whole 30 again, and I jumped in with both feet and I am so thankful I did! I am happy to report that I made it through the first 30 days, took a few days off, and am now on day 20 of my second Whole 30. I am amazed at how well my body is responding to it!

We generally have pretty healthy food in our home, so I didn’t anticipate just how difficult this would be…the changes were big! Before diving in, I talked with my husband about it and he encouraged me to jump in and not worry about him. This was actually a gift to me…in the past, when trying to change our eating patterns, I would try to get us both going and would then stop when it got difficult. The exceptions would again become the rule and I would begin eating a less than optimal diet again.

So, this time, it was my job to make sure I was following the plan…and that was all. While on #Whole30, I only needed to think about my faithfulness and not measure anyone else. I had to look at myself squarely in the mirror, no excuses.

While on #Whole30, I only needed to think about my faithfulness and not measure anyone else. I had to look at myself squarely in the mirror, no excuses.

During the Whole 30 I could/can enjoy all veggies, fruit, meat, fish, and eggs. I really enjoy what I can eat on this plan. Such yummy food! Now…what I can’t eat…Grains, dairy, legumes (read…no peanut butter!), and sugar. None. No cream in my coffee…no cookies…no cereal or oatmeal…that is a lot of “no”. But, for me, instead of focusing on what I can’t have while on Whole 30, I have chosen to think about what I can have.

But, for me, instead of focusing on what I can’t have while on Whole 30, I have chosen to think about what I can have.

I can have a steak and a baked potato or sweet potato. I can have a lettuce wrapped burger…yum! I can have eggs and veggies in the morning! I can have salads, and roasted plantain chips and guacamole…this is a new favorite! Roasted chicken! Tomato soup with coconut cream…a new favorite! Coffee with coconut cream…also a favorite!

You know what else is a favorite? I have lost 28 lbs! (Yes! I looked at the scale) Can you believe that? I can’t either! I mentioned earlier that my body is responding well to this program…really well! There have been many other victories as well.

First, I am learning to say no to myself more often. This has been one of the best byproducts or “non-scale” victories. I can say no to some of my previously favorite foods and be ok with that. That is HUGE! In the past, exceptions became the rule. “Just this once” or “just today” happened way more than I realized. I can say no more often now.

I have also learned how to say, “Yes” and not let the “Yes” take me into bad patterns. This too is huge for me and a direct result of the practice of discipline that Whole 30 brings.

Third, I have found new favorite foods. As you all know, I really like to cook. But, that enjoyment I find in cooking has stalled me so many times in making permanent changes in my life because it means learning a whole new way of cooking. I would grieve the fact that I couldn’t just cook what I wanted and decide I didn’t want to make a change that drastic.

It isn’t that I didn’t cook healthy before…I enjoy healthy food, but, with that healthy food came so many other favorites that I wasn’t taking the time to cook in a more healthful manner. With Whole 30, I have made the move toward making those family favorites in way that my body responds better to them.

Be on the lookout for a new e-book that will celebrate those changes!

Finally, the weight loss! All of these changes have resulted in 28lbs that are lost, Lord willing, not to be found again. I am building new patterns to support this goal. Change is happening.

At the end of this round 2 of Whole 30, I do plan to continue eating in a modified Whole 30 way. I will reintroduce some foods that my body does tolerate, but keep the discipline that has come about in the time with this program. I have more weight to lose…but more importantly, more life to live. I want to be the healthiest I can be.

Comment below if you have done Whole 30! Would enjoy hearing how you did and what you learned! Also commment if you are ready to dive in…I plan to write about some of the strategies that have helped me in a future post.

I will also keep you posted on my progress as I continue to post healthy recipes that your taste buds and your body will enjoy, like this amazing Sausage, Squash and Kale Frittata!


8 Responses

  1. Mia Reed says:

    I’m so proud of you and happy you decided to join a few months ago. You did it and continue to inspire me as you’ve made so many amazing changes.

  2. Eliza says:

    You have been such an encouragement to me on this whole 30! And you look amazing.

  3. Melissa Nyc says:

    You’re doing so great! We have been way off our normal Paleo/primal way of eating for about 6 months now, and now I’m developing allergies to wheat. So… That’s a good justification for getting back to that healthy way of eating!

    I need to wrap my head around it again. What source/info did you use? If you start another whole 30, let me know? I want someone to do this with too! <3

  4. Beth l says:

    I’ve done Whole 30 twice but it’s been a while. Really should do it again, since I’ve more than put the weight back on. Waiting until I’m really ready….

    Can’t wait to see your new recipes!


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