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Have you lost your joy?

Have you lost your joy

I wake up in the morning and launch into my day. Check in on social media…breakfast and lunches to make. Showers to take…mine can wait. Is everyone ready to get out the door to their commitments? Animals…did they eat? Do they have water? One to take to kindergarten…hope we make it to the drop off line. Sometimes I’m just going through the motions.

I ask myself, “Have your lost your joy?.”

Sometimes the answer is yes. It is hard to admit that, but sometimes I slip from being a loving wife and mom into going through the motions as the family administrator. I spin the plates, and keep things moving…are the soccer clothes clean? Are the cleats and shin guards in the bag? Have the Bible verses for Awana been learned? Check! How about a healthy dinner…is that ready? Have I been to the gym? Check! What time do I pick up my daughter from work? 3:30? Check! Date night? Check! The boxes are checked…I did all the things.

But, did I do so with joy?

Joy in life is so essential…serving with joy makes all the difference in the world, in your world and in your family’s world!

I find that I can go through life with a smile on my face and joy in my heart when I remember who I really serve. Life is not about doing all the things.

I serve God. In everything I do I can serve Him. And, that is an amazing privilege because He is the Only One who is PERFECTLY gracious and He knows who I really am…not just the capable person I appear to be, but His child, with failures, insecurities, and even bad attitudes. He sees all this and still loves me. He sees all this, and shines through with His strength in my day. And, when I fail Him, HE forgives me perfectly and completely! Nothing can separate me from Him. My satisfaction is in this. My joy can be found in remembering that it is all for Him.

Even in knowing this, that I serve a loving and forgiving Father, I forget. My gaze goes toward the temporary…and I allow myself to begin to have a heart change…my heart tries to please everyone around me and that is never possible. It tries to find its joy in other’s reaction to my service. I begin to crave appreciation…more than can ever be given. This is where my spiral begins.

My smile is missing when I pack the lunches. I linger in bed longer instead of making breakfast. I repeat, “Hurry up” way too many times. My strong desire to be on time turns into pushing those around me. I skip my time reading God’s Word. I rush to bed without enough time with our big kids…duty calls…and, life really isn’t duty…it is delight!

God has given me the joy of serving an amazing family…a husband, whom I love and who loves me and children who bless my socks off. He has given us a beautiful home that is filled with love that we can use to serve others. And, I have parents who live close by. He has also given me amazing siblings and a church body where the Word of God is taught that is such a gift!

In all these gifts, I get to serve Him.

I will always appreciate being appreciated. I will always find happiness in making those whom I love happy. But, when I find my joy slipping away, I will ask myself these question. Whom do I serve and where do I find true satisfaction. I will remember God’s attributes and thank Him. I will remember the precious blessings I am surrounded with and I give more grace. I will turn my eyes to God when I want satisfaction…not to the appreciation of those I have the privilege of serving.

My joy then returns. I still have plates to spin and all the things to do, but with joy in my heart, I’m up to the challenge!


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  1. Tiffin Howard says:

    This is so wonderful and true!!! Thank you for the reminder to whom our joy truly comes from!!!! Fulfilling our duties while being joyful is so much better for us:)


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