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2013 is Almost Here!

Fernando Ortega sings a song called “This Time Next Year”. In it he looks ahead at all that can or will happen by the time the next year rolls around. One example he gives is that you had better hold the baby now, because he will be walking soon…it always makes me a little teary eyed as I contemplate the joys and the difficulties of changes like these. It would also make me hopeful as I would dream about what I hoped the year would hold. So, with this intro, it is not a surprise that I would be drawn to this activity!

This is a memory jar. I saw this idea on Pinterest and, this year, we will be making one! The idea is to fill this jar with the little things that make each day memorable. The whole family can participate. Then, as you gather to ring in the New Year, you can remember. You can give thanks. You can laugh and likely cry a little.

So, this year you will find a jar, just like this one, on our table in our breakfast nook. If you come by, drop in your memory for the day!


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