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Day 28 – Month of Thanksgiving…time to make a list!

When I am struggling to be thankful, the best way to stir thankfulness up in my heart is to begin listing all of the blessings I have. It never fails!

So, here is my list of the top 10 (ok, 21) things I am thankful for tonight.

1. Jesus, Who gives purpose in this life and hope for life after death.
2. Rain…I am always struck by the rain…it is one of the few things that we can’t do with technology.
3. My family. I thank God for my husband, my two sons and my daughter.
4. I am thankful that my husband went to the grocery store with me to get our son’s milk and filters for our coffee.
5. I am thankful that there are grocery stores.
6. I am thankful for a safe drive home on the freeway in rainy weather.
7. I am thankful for each person who reads my ramblings and finds encouragement in them.
8. I am thankful for our warm home where I can be truly at home.
9. I am thankful for the computer that I am typing on right now.
10. I am thankful for God’s provision to pay for another semester of college.
11. I am thankful for Christmas music! 🙂
12. I am thankful for the Christmas lights that make our home look even warmer.
13. I am thankful for Panda Express…we rarely go there, but they are there when I need them. 🙂
14. I am thankful that I have hope, even in the hardest days.
15. I am thankful that my daughter finished her school on time today.
16. I am thankful that our littlest is sleeping soundly.
17. I am thankful that I got to have dessert with our oldest Son today!
18. I am thankful that it is almost time to go to sleep. 🙂
19. I am thankful for a comfortable bed to sleep in.
20. I am thankful that I was able to list 20 things I am thankful for.
21. I am thankful that I could keep on going because I have SO many reasons to be thankful.

See…I knew making a list would help! What are you thankful for tonight?


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  1. […] wide open ready to behold the wonderful gifts the Lord gives us each day. Making the list on the 28th day was a reminder to me of all there is around me to be thankful for. I don’t want to miss it. […]


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