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Children are a Gift from the Lord: 16 Things I Love about Our Son!

As a sequel to the post about our daughter, I am following up with a list of some of the things I love about our older son.

As you may know, the year that your children transition out of your home and into college catapults you into a whole new stage parenting. These are uncharted waters. As our children have grown, we, along with their first mom, have trained them to make wise decisions, to seek God with all their hearts, to spend their money wisely, get enough sleep, and eat their fruits and veggies and much, much more of course. We now get to watch and find out what stuck :). This is a year where much grace must be extended.

For parents, our young adults will make decisions we don’t agree with. They won’t always seek our counsel. They won’t always eat their veggies or get enough sleep. They are getting their “sea legs”. This is their first time on their own. We must trust the Lord and seek His wisdom for how to be the parent He would have us to be at this stage. We must pray for our children and entrust them to Lord. We must shower them with grace.

For the young adult, parents don’t always know how and when to let go. Parents miss you like crazy and may crowd your new-found independence a bit. Parents have to remind ourselves that we have grown you up for such a time as this and trust God’s guidance in your lives in a way we have never had to before. You must remember how much your parents love you and pray for them as they try to graciously let you move into this stage in your life. You also trust God and extend much grace.

It is in this stage of life that I write this list of things I love about our son. I thank God for him and am so grateful for the man he has become and is becoming. I love so many things about him, but here are a few.

1. I love how our son loves others and is a truly loyal friend.
2. I love how our son is willing to give to those in need or want.
3. I love how our son tries new things and pursues his interests wholeheartedly.
4. I love how much he enjoys telling us about his interests.
5. I love to listen to him talk.
6. I love how much he has grown to treasure his relationship with the Lord.
7. I love that he sees “things” for what they really are and doesn’t worry about them.
8. I love how he loves our family.
9. I love watching him play with his little brother.
10. I love watching him hang out and laugh with his sister.
11. I love how our son respects the authorities in his life.
12. I love that our son was willing to give up his room so we could adopt more children.
(He didn’t have to give it up…but was willing to.)
13. I love how our son enjoys being with young children and having fun with them.
14. I love how our son has embraced growing up and desires to be a responsible adult.
15. I love hearing him laugh and seeing him smile.
16. I love being his mom.

I could go on, but will end here and say again that I am so grateful for our son. We thank God for him and have so much respect for who he is and who he is becoming. We are blessed to be his parents! Thank you for being such a wonderful son!

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