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Add a Flavor Zap to your Roast Chicken

When I roast a chicken, I first wash it and dry it and then for the most basic chicken I just rub some olive oil on the white meat and then add salt and pepper. I have made variations stuffed with celery and onion or citrus and sprinkle with poultry seasoning and those are great too. But this time, it was the most basic one. I roast it for about 90 minutes at 375 degrees. We enjoy it every time. I then use the remainders for chicken stock and we have soup so it is really two meals in one. Yum!

Well, tonight, with all these oranges around…I decided to give it a flavor boost…as soon as it came out of the oven, I squeezed one whole orange over the chicken and let it sink in…and then, I topped it with just a bit of orange zest. I will definitely do this again. It gives some great flavor to even your most basic chicken.

Roasted Chicken with Orange Juice and Zest

And, yet another bonus…this little dish made it into my husband’s lunch today! Score…two dinners and a lunch from one chicken!

Packing Lunch after Dinner

When there are leftovers I like to pack some of them right up for lunch the next day…what a time and money saver!


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