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Celebrating Milestones – A Super “Sweet 16” Party

Celebrating Milestones Celebrating milestones…that is one thing we try to do in the lives of our children. While our children are little it is hard to completely realize that someday they will grow up. Some day they will walk and then run, and then drive. And, then go off to college or begin their career and are no longer living in your home. And, while all of this is natural and the way it is supposed to be, and what we sacrifice to prepare them for, there are many times when I long for the younger years in my now 16 and 19 year old. There are many more times that I find so much to be thankful for in the day we are in. And for that, I am SO grateful!

I currently have distinct reminders of the really little years with our 21 month old son and our 4 month foster baby…so while these times are great with them, it isn’t those years I long for :). What I long for is the day to day of the younger years where the parent/child lines were clearer and when I knew they would still be here with us for many years to come.

With our oldest two we are in the phase of…this could be the last vacation we all go on together. Or, treasure this time…this may be our son’s last summer home with us. Or, in the case of my daughter’s 16th Birthday, these are the days of celebrating the milestones of the teen years…because they are quickly passing by.

This was quite a milestone and so we celebrated! For this party, we worked very hard to make it special for our daughter, for our family, and for each guest that came because they are all a part of making our daughter who she is today. This will, Lord willing, be a milestone she will remember as she grows even older and raises her own family one day. And, even more importantly, a principle for raising her own children some day.

Hannah's Sweet 16 Birthday from

So, welcome to my remembrance of her special day. 🙂 Settle in and enjoy. I hope her lasting memories are as sweet as mine are today.

These are our invitations. Hannah and I went to Michaels and gathered supplies on borrowed time (sleepy 4 month old along 🙂 ). Paper! and card stock! and stickers! Oh My! Hannah then designed and assembled them for family and friends.

Happy Sweet 16 - from

We are grateful for the 35 or so family and friends that were able to join us!

Aunt Kary and Uncle Ron and Grandma and Grandpa came early to be a part of the preparation for this special day. We are SO grateful!!

Celebrating Milestones - Sweet 16 by

The theme of our party…a Backyard Picnic.

Celebrating Milestones - Super Sweet 16 at

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

The lights were hung with care…

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

And the tables set…

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

Every picnic needs lemonade and iced tea…(and Mason Jars!)

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

And of course sandwiches and salads…

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

And why all the fuss? Our sweet daughter and all of our dear family and friends!

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -


Celebrating Milestones - 16th Birthday Party

Celebrate Milestones - Super "Sweet 16" -

We enjoyed some cake and desserts…including these cute cake pops I made in sugar cones! They were a hit!

Celebrating Milestones - Sweet 16 on

And don’t forget singing Happy Birthday to our now sweet 16…this photo was taken after the wax flew all over my husband’s shirt. 🙂

Celebrating Milestones - Sweet 16 by

We sent each family home with their own jar of lemon curd to enjoy.

Celebrating Milestones - Sweet 16 by

We enjoyed one another into the evening…but this sweet one had to go to sleep. 🙂

Celebrating Milestones - Sweet 16 by

We are so grateful to the Lord for the kindness of our family and friends. Life would just not be the same without each of you! Know that you are being used by the Lord in our lives and we love you very much!! Blessings to you!

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  1. This looks like such a wonderful get together, Diane! It looks like you are surrounded by a wonderful group of people. 🙂
    Julie @ This Gal Cooks recently posted…Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Rice BowlsMy Profile

  2. What an awesome party, Diane! I’m sure she will always remember it 🙂
    Lisa@ Cooking with Curls recently posted…Lamb and Vegetable Kabobs & cooking with astrologyMy Profile

  3. Such a beautiful party w/ family and friends!! So sweet, Diane!! xoxo

  4. Cristybelle says:

    just the pin I needed to read to redirect the true meaning of celebrating a precious milestone and put things back into perspective in all the planning. THANK YOU got sharing.


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