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7 Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. I am enjoying all of the creativity I have found online! In this post you will find my 7 favorite, last minute, Thanksgiving decorations. I hope they are as inspiring to you as they are to me! Click on the photos to go to their original sources. Hope you enjoy!

Look at these beautiful flowers! I think they would look great compiled as a table runner. Stemless makes them even more useful!

Who couldn’t use these beautiful printables to jazz up our Thanksgiving decor!

Ok, cute fruit platter! 🙂

Very cute, simple, elegant placecards:

Beautiful Creative Pumpkins!

One of my favorite ideas…Thanksgiving Tree…handout leaves to each guest and fill your tree.

I hope each of you have a wonderful, thankful, Thanksgiving!

Blessings to you!

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  1. Linda says:

    Cute as anything. Love this post. Linda


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