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Archive for January, 2014
Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Chapter 2 – Growing in Grace in the Midst of the “Rock Tumbler”

This chapter is titled “In the Rock Tumbler”. What a perfect title. If you have little ones, you surely understand this title and even find it a little humorous. When we as “rocks” sit by ourselves with little friction, we are refined in a much different way than we are…

Food is always better on a stick!  Try this delicious Antipasto on a Stick by

Antipasto on a Stick!

Yesterday, I made antipasto on a stick. I am convinced that when presenting food to your family, anything on a stick gets gobbled up faster. That may sound strange, but once again, it has proven to be true. These little treats would also be a great healthy addition to your…


Family Fun Friday – Link Party!

Welcome to Family Fun Friday! I am excited to be joining the Family Fun Friday Team! I will be featuring my favorite posts in the area of recipes and cooking tips for families. Cooking 3 meals a day 365 days a year can seem daunting…but I know that all of…

Triple Chocolate Marshmallow and Pecan Cookies by

Triple Chocolate Marshmallow and Pecan Cookies

Triple Chocolate Marshmallow and Pecan Cookies, decadent and delicious…especially when served alongside a glass of cold milk. And, when given the ingredients of chocolate pudding and marshmallows for the Lady Behind the Curtain Dessert Challenge, I couldn’t imagine putting them in anything else but a new cookie recipe…(well, that is…

Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Chapter 1 – The Importance of Attitude in “My Circus”

This chapter is titled “Welcome to My Circus” and is all about attitude. Rachel Jankovic says…”if organization and order can still be found in my attitude, we are doing well. But if my attitude falters, even in the midst of external order, so does everything else.” I know this first…

Deep Dish Taco Pie from

Deep Dish Taco Pie

This Taco Pie is perfect for a family dinner or for a Super Bowl gathering. I got a new spring for pan and wanted to try it with a savory recipe and thus was born the Deep Dish Taco Pie. It is full of tasty ingredients and very satisfying. It…

Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Book Study…Loving the Little Years – Motherhood in the Trenches

Loving the Little Years – Motherhood in the Trenches…this title really caught my eye. The author, Rachel Jankovic, did a fantastic job helping me to love these years even more…her writing has helped me to gain perspective at a time when I was tired and had lost my focus in…

Making Cookies with Friends at

Cookie Baking Bar…Bake with Friends!

Do you like to bake with friends? My daughter and I decided it would be nice to have some of her friends over for a baking day. We made dough for both sugar cookies (for cutting out and decorating) and a basic chocolate chip cookie dough, but we left the…


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