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About Robin’s Wife

Caught Between a "Get to" and a "Have to" I am a grateful wife and mother who loves the Lord my God, my husband, my children, and creating a home that we are sorry to leave and can’t wait to come home to.

Visit often to read the stories of this love-filled life of dorm rooms, diapers, and everything in between. I find joy in the creativity that the Lord gives to bring all of these stages of life together into a family that loves Him and desires to know Him better and serve Him with our everyday, normal lives.

Tune in for stories, recipes and life lessons, all mixed with a bit of humor. I would be honored and blessed if you would stay awhile and share a bit of your lives too!


Diane (aka Robin’s wife. :))

Visit here to read about the early days. Here is part two and part 3. 🙂


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