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Why safer personal care and beauty products matter to me

why safer personal care and beauty products matter to me

Why do safer personal care and beauty products matter to me? The matter to me because once you know, you can’t go back.

Once I knew that according to the Environmental Working Group the hair cream I was using on my son had chemicals in it that contribute to developmental issues and cancer, I threw it in the trash. Once I learned that the bar of soap my husband uses on a daily basis has “fragrance” in it that registered 8 out of 10 on the danger scale for allergy concerns, I grew even more concerned. I can’t even count the number of products my daughter uses that cause concern. That is just the way it is for all of our daughters.

Then I learned that the hand soap we have used for YEARS and is marketed as natural also has “fragrance” which is registered as an 8 on the scale two chemicals that registered as a 4, I admittedly became angry.

I became angry that a company can market as natural and then not disclose how they create their fragrance. They can market as organic and not be fully organic. They can market as safe, and not be safe. And, these were products my family used. Every day. On our largest organ…our skin. And…let’s not forget the mascara…that I put on my eyes. It contains a Formaldehyde releaser and Propylparaben and CI77266…What? Lets just say that adds up to cancer contributors and severe allergy concerns. On my eyes. Every day.

Once I knew that the last major legislation passed for the personal care and beauty industry in the United States was passed in 1938, I had to be a part of the change. Yes…1938. A lot has changed since 1938…in fact, nearly 90 percent of chemicals used in personal care and beauty products today have not been tested for human health.

Once I learned that in the European Union, over 1,400 chemicals are banned from personal care and beauty products…in Canada, 600…in the United States, 30 to date, I couldn’t keep silent.

Does this concern anyone else?

I recently posted about my health journey and how I have learned that there are some food items that cause me to feel sick. Now I know that it isn’t just what I put in my body that is important. In fact, I can eat organic and cut refined sugar from my diet and go gluten free, and then slather my body with products that are full of harmful chemicals and even gluten…yes, there is gluten in our personal care and beauty products. Again…why?

I don’t know about you, but I want to be part of the change. I want to work for safer beauty. I am making a difference.

7 weeks ago I joined an amazing company called Beautycounter. Our Mission is to get safer products into everyone’s hands. We want our children to be able to go to the store someday and know that what they are buying won’t cause cancer, developmental issues or even infertility.

And, we don’t stop by just creating amazing, safer, high performing products. We are also working for change.

We are calling our representatives. We our visiting our state capitals. We have gone to Capital Hill. We are telling our friends. We all deserve to have safer beauty. We should not have to compromise our health in the name of beauty. We should not have to unknowingly compromise the health of our families…there is a better way.

Do you want to join me?

You can join me in making a difference in the lives of women, of men, of families everywhere. Everywhere.

One way…vote with your dollars. Carry our Never List with you. We intentionally ban over 1,500 harmful chemicals from our products. We refuse to use them and so can you. Refuse to put harmful chemicals on your skin. Check your products on the Environmental Working Group website or app. Leave a comment if you would like a copy of our never list. I’ll email it to you.

Another…become my client. I will personally guide you in your transition to getting safer and effective products into your hands. We have over 100 products and are adding more on a regular basis. Visit my website here.

Another…become a consultant. Take the job! If you read about the lack of regulation in the beauty industry and want to be a part of the solution, I would enjoy talking with you about how you can join my team. It is an amazing job with huge opportunity to make a social impact.

Finally, help me spread the word…tell your friends and family that there is another way. There are safer, high performing products available. You have a choice.

As you can tell, I am passionate about telling others that safer beauty is out there. I am passionate about telling others that there are also many, many products that are not safe. I can show you how you can do your homework. You can use safer products for yourself and your family. Your health will thank you, your family will thank you.

So…this is why safer personal care and beauty products matter to me. I welcome your questions and comments below. I also welcome you to my client base and my team. Send me an email at or comment below.


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  1. Tammy says:

    Thank you for sharing!!!! Such an important topic! I had no idea it was legal to sell products that contain harmful chemicals. I shutter to think of how many chemicals my sweet mixed babies were exposed to just from hair care products! You know better… You do better!!!


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