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The Early Days – Part 3

(You can read part 1 and part 2 in previous posts to get up to speed)

It was really important to both of us to have the people who meant the most to us be involved in our relationship and to be supportive of us going forward.  We both had enough years behind us to know that we wanted to seek wise counsel regarding our future together.  It was especially important to us to have the blessing of Lisa’s (Robin’s previous wife) sister and brother-in-law.  Kary graciously asked to meet with me for breakfast one morning.  I am so grateful she did.  We spent several hours talking and I was so grateful to have met her and to have spent that time learning more about her, Lisa, and Robin and Joseph and Hannah.  She and her husband Ron and their girls have embraced me with open arms and I am still to this day so blessed by their love and support.  Robin was so blessed and even overwhelmed by their deep love and support of him. They encouraged him to move forward and with their loving encouragement, he did.

My parents were able to meet Robin, Joseph, and Hannah on my birthday, November 19th, and they loved them all immediately.  We enjoyed an evening of celebration, dinner, and game playing.  That was a birthday I won’t soon forget!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day were filled with meeting and getting to know each other’s families and close friends.  We were overjoyed with the support we were given as people spent time with us together.  With this continued encouragement, we moved forward.  God continued to knit our hearts together along with the children’s.  It was during this time, that we became more certain that the Lord would have us to consider a life together.

God built such a closeness and trust through this time.  We were so often surprised by how much our thoughts and speech mirrored each others, even coming out in the same words at the same time.  We see how the Lord had prepared our hearts for each other months, maybe even years, in advance. We felt like we had known each other for years, though at this time it had only been a few short months.  There were so many things ranging from the most important; our devotion to our LORD, to daily things we like and enjoy doing such as:  “Grande drips in venti cups”, parenting convictions, moral standards, enjoyment for reading, being outdoors and active, playing with children, enjoying family gatherings, and so much more.  We both stand in amazement of this great mystery.  (Ephesians 3:14-21 and 5:32)

During this time, my brother John and I were at a Jewelry store picking up his wife Kathi’s ring and he asked me which ring I would want if/when Robin asked me to marry him.  He thought he could lend a hand if Robin asked for help.  I was thrilled to hear him ask this question because it showed his support.  I looked around and found a unique ring I really liked and showed it to him.  He took a picture of it. 🙂  Well, with no thought of wanting to limit Robin to this ring if he were to ask me to marry him, I told him the story.  He too was happy with my brother’s support and tucked this little bit of information away for the future.

After months of prayer and seeking the Lord, Robin asked both of our parents and sister and brother-in-law, for their thoughts and blessing.  He also talked with Joseph and Hannah and asked them to pray with him, and sought counsel from close friends.  On March 20th, at our now favorite Italian restaurant, Robin asked for my hand in marriage.  I joyfully said yes!  We drove home and told Joseph and Hannah and then shared the news with the rest of our family.  Robin then went on pursuit of the ring I found when with my brother.  Little did I know, that it was a one of a kind ring and it was only sold there.  He and John talked and exchanged photos…it was still there!  This pursuit ended when we drove to Temecula, to the exact store, and purchased the ring.  Robin then “re-proposed” over lunch at Olive Garden with an audience of Joseph and Hannah and our family watching.  There were two very special proposals…and twice, I said yes.  We are now thankful to say we celebrated our 36th (month that is…) in June and are so excited for the years to come hoping to grow old serving the Lord together.  I can’t express how grateful I am to the Lord for giving me Robin as my husband.  He is more than I ever could have asked for or thought to ask for!  I would say yes again today…for a third time.  He is proof that God’s timing is always perfect and He does give good gifts to His children.

How did you meet your spouse?  Please share your joy with us below in the comments.

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