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It has Shelves Now!!!

TV Armoire

I am SO thankful to report that I now have shelves in my television armoire. It went from a very messy baking supplies/craft cabinet to what it is now…a super useful piece of furniture. I wish I had a before photo…just picture everything that is now in there all organized…not so organized. Yes, it was that bad. Each bin was stacked upon the other…not according to size, but according to which one was used last. 🙂 It was embarrassing!

Today, my wonderful husband added the shelving bars along the side and purchased shelves and I am FINALLY organized! 🙂 And, there is more room now. I am SO grateful!

Here it is empty:

TV Armoire

And now, with the items in place:

Cabinet with Shelves

I must say that I am SO very grateful for his work on this!

One more organization project I can check off the list!


3 Responses

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  2. BB says:

    Great idea – I have a buffet that I painted and am using as a dresser and wanted to add shelves in the side cabinets… now I know how to do that! As long as they have them short enough. Thanks!

    • Diane Marie Haller says:

      It is SO nice to have the shelves. I know you will enjoy them. If the shelves are too long, they can be cut and it is possible that they can even cut them for you. Just bring your dimensions. They do have a wide variety.


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