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It has Arrived! Let the Healthy Eating Begin!

My Tuesday morning nutritional treasures arrived and this week, I am ready for them!

Aren’t they an attractive bunch!

This week, I began with the Greens:

I washed them and then left them to dry before putting them safely in their jars. Then, I began with the snacking fruit and veggies:

And finished off with the Romanesco. They are now all prepared and waiting for me!

What will I make this week? My creative juices are flowing! The romanesco will likely be roasted and the broccoli may become a soup. The squash may be stuffed. The carrots have already been enjoyed with humus and I am pretty sure the celery will meet with the peanut butter when my husband gets home. 🙂

Oh, the possibilities! What is one thing you are looking forward to making this week? Blessings!

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