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Hope for This Year’s Garden and #OXOSpringGardening

There is Hope for This Year’s Garden…Even though, it is June 12th and my garden is in sad shape…and it is not because there wasn’t effort made. Sit back…grab something cool to drink and be encouraged…if I can get a garden in the ground, so can you my friend.

This spring, my friends at #OXO sent me a box of tools to jump start my gardening efforts. It was so fun to open up the box and find a Transplanting Trowel, Garden Scissors, a Compost Bin, a Dustpan and Brush set and an Indoor Pour and Store Watering Can. And…I wish I had an amazing garden to show for it.

Hope for Gardening #OXOSpringGardening_1

We moved to Northern California this fall and purchased a home with a great area for gardening…it is even fenced to protect it from deer. I had such high hopes and was super eager to get going.

Round 1 – I put my seeds in a starter kit and labeled them diligently and began watering them and taking extra care. They were making great progress. My 3 year old was SO excited about them that he went in to take a look…peered up over the side and tipped the whole thing…no more neatly labeled starter plants. He was so excited…you can’t blame him for the accident…I only wish we would have put them on a lower counter. 🙂 We jumped over that hurdle and decided that “we get what we get and won’t throw a fit”. 🙂 Most of these plants were then planted, too early, into our garden and froze. My eagerness got the best of me.

Round 2 – The remainder of these plants, plus a few more were planted a few weeks later. My sweet boy helped me and my daughter plant them. He was again, SO excited. When I returned to water them the next evening…I found them all uprooted…this time, my sweet boy wanted to garden like Mommy. He was very proud of his WORK…my heart sunk, but he was just so sweet…I knew that he really was only trying to help. I let him know it was best to talk to mommy if he wanted to garden. 🙂

Then, our oldest son graduated from college, our daughter from high school, and several other hurdles and here I am…June 12th, and no garden.

Enter…the HOPE…#OXOSpringGardening…only in my case…it is dangerously close to summer.

Check out these products! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. There is the Compost Bin…great entry into the world of composting! It would also work great as a spot to keep my kitchen scraps for the chickens.

The Garden Scissors will be perfect for gathering herbs and trimming those branches that aren’t doing quite as well as they ought to be.

Hope for Gardening #OXOSpringGardening

I think the watering can is my son’s favorite…it is his job to water the sad, little tomato plant that is barely limping along on our deck. 🙂 He is doing a great job…it is only sad because we have traveled a bit too much to keep it thriving…but, there are three very small tomatoes visible…maybe they will make it! This watering can gives him hope that we can keep it going…and, thanks to the spout that swivels, it stores and fills really easily.

Finally, the Transplanting Trowel, I can’t wait to use this! The measurements make it so useful in planting the already started plants I will be putting in my garden after we take down the weeds that have moved in. 🙂

Hope for Gardening #OXOSpringGardening_2

I am SO thankful for the hope for this year’s garden that these #OXOSpringGardening tools bring! And, even though these products were given to me, all opinions are my own and I really do like these products as much as I say! 🙂

Happy Spring Gardening!

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