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Garlic Basil Butter

We like to serve garlic rolls or bread alongside our spaghetti.  This time, since we had both garlic and basil, I included them both in the butter.  Here is the simple recipe:

1 Stick of room temperature Butter
2 Large cloves of garlic (or 5 small as you see in the photo :))
2 T of chopped basil
1 dash of salt

Mix all ingredients together and spread on your roll of choice. I used ciabatta rolls.

It works well to press the garlic for this recipe so that it can evenly distribute throughout the butter.

Mix your fresh basil into the butter as well.

Ready to spread on the rolls!

Place on a griddle or pan butter side up for 2 minutes or so.

Flip to butter side down and cook an additional 2 minutes or so or until golden.

Here you can see the beating my stove took while making the spaghetti sauce. 🙂 Please kindly over look that. 🙂


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