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Gardening…You CAN do it!!

Gardening...You CAN do it!!

Gardening. It has been a desire for so long. I talk about it and think about it and then plan for it and then wait. But, this time it is different! I am SO grateful to report that we have a full-fledged garden. There is lettuce and squash, two kinds of tomatoes, pumpkins and lots of raspberries.

The photo above is of our first squash…and a few tomatoes and raspberries.

There is one catch. My daughter doesn’t like squash…so I will need to be creative. I will post the first recipe tomorrow…Crispy Summer Squash. Any recipe that starts with “Crispy” has to be good, right? Hopefully, ending with “squash” doesn’t ruin it for those “non squash people”. 🙂

The moral of the story…you to CAN garden! If I can get a garden going, so can YOU! Really! 🙂


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