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Farm Fresh to You…Here is the List!

The veggies and fruit have arrived. But, this morning has been a bit busy so I have yet to prepare and store them. This could be a recipe for wasted produce…but, I will guard against that by posting the list for accountability. 🙂

For now, here is the list:

5 cnt Fuji Apple (great for snacking!)
4 cnt Bartlett Pear (Creative Dessert sounds good!)
4 cnt Fresh Kiwi (snacking?)
2 cnt Valencia Orange (I need to be more creative here!)
2 lb Black Seedless Grape (Yum!)
2 bu Bunched Spinach (Creamed Spinach?)
1 bu Rainbow Carrot (Dipped in Humus or Moroccan Carrots!)
1 cnt Fresh Celery (With Peanut Butter, of course!)
2 lb Loose Broccoli (Blanch and Freeze)
1 cnt Green Romanesco (Need to research)
1 lb Garnet Yam (Mashed Yams)
1 cnt Bulb Fennel (Need to research)
1 cnt Red Kuri Squash, winter (New to me!)
1 cnt Romaine, green Lettuce (Dinner Salad! Yum!)
1 bu Bunched Leeks (Soup)
1 bu Red Beets (Roasted…my husband’s favorite! Need to cook greens too!)
1 bu Green Chard (hmmmm…..)
1 cnt Treviso Radicchio (Research needed)

Back to the immediate needs for now, but there will be more to come! Blessings! 🙂

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