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Day 26 – Month of Thankfulness

Today, I am thankful for seasons. While we don’t truly experience them as far as the weather goes, the holidays and the events of life keep us in check, reminding us that the leaves really are turning colors somewhere and the snow will begin falling soon, again, somewhere else. Now, as we turn from Thanksgiving to Christmas we are in yet another season.

As I look around my home I see Christmas decorations. Some are new and some have been gathered through the years and tell the stories of seasons past. What a blessing it is to see the poinsettias from my Grandma’s home. They used to sit on her television every year. Now they are here on our bookcase.

When I look on the mantle, I see a picture my daughter drew and painted last year and the candle holders my parents gave us last year.

Then, I look above our entry way and see a grouping of Bible verses that describe the Christmas story. These have been around for years and are such a great reminder of the timelessness of God’s Word. If you look in our windows in our living room, you will find sparkly snowflakes hanging in each of the window that were tied up and assembled just this year. When we use them again I will remember my daughter cutting the fishing line and tying them at just the right lengths.

On our desk sits Raggedy Andy…not quite a Christmas Decoration, yet a reminder of fun times with my mom when we were on vacation together one year.

Then, as you travel into our family room you find my son’s nutcracker collection. There is a nutcracker to represent the last 7 or so years. Some were purchased by our son’s first mom and then some by me and my husband.

There is a table runner in the dining room with a little plastic “train” spelling “Christmas”, and lights around the perimeter of the front and back of our home. And, let’s not forget a seemingly ever growing collection of my personal favorite…Christmas stockings.

Not all of the decorations are my style and not all are even attractive. Yet, they have a place in our home and hearts. They remind us of days gone by and make home warm.

So, today I am thankful for Seasons, and particularly the Christmas Season and how it slows us down and reminds us of simpler times and even more importantly, it reminds us that Jesus entered this world as a child. He was born that He might live a sinless life and then pay the penalty for our sins. We have hope because He came to redeem us. I pray that God will draw us near to Himself this season as we remember the Heart of our celebration.


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