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Coming to a Mailbox Near Me!


My brand new personalized iPhone case is set to arrive on Friday! I can’t wait!!!

While I really like my current case, a very cute Kate Spade wallet case, it doesn’t have a hole for the camera lens. So, if I want to catch a cute moment with my family I have to remove it from the case. Well, you mom’s know that the cute moments just don’t last long enough to do that…I have been missing a lot and then having to try to recreate them…not quite the same.

So, I headed over to and found these…

Aren’t they cute! And, they have a hole for the lens…no more missing those precious moments! And, it couldn’t be easier…I logged into my Shutterfly account and started by uploading the photos I wanted to use on my case.

I looked at all of the options and chose the one that best fit me…the two piece for the iPhone 4 with 5 photos on it.

Then, I just dragged the photos to the spots I wanted them on the case. If I didn’t quite like where I put it, I could easily move it around until it was perfect. Then, I clicked on the spot where I could add my initial and easily added it…and with many fonts to choose from. So much fun!

Well, like I said, it is on it’s way and according to Shutterfly is set to arrive on Saturday. I will let you know!


***I received a new iPhone case for the purpose of this review.

2 Responses

  1. Kat1126 says:

    OH I love these! I don’t have an iPhone (I know how can I not) but IF I did I would be looking at one of these.

    Stopping by from Make my Saturday Sweet Hop.


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