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Chicken Salad Sandwiches for the Road…

Picnic Chicken Salad from Chicken salad is a great sandwich for a picnic! I purchased the large ciabatta bread at the bakery so I would only be making two large sandwiches instead of individual ones. Once I made it it was all wrapped up and then cut on site at the picnic. And, it was yummy! Here is the link from the Chicken Salad Recipe.

So, just in case you were wondering what the final chicken salad sandwich looked like…here it is:

I first spread the chicken salad on a large ciabatta roll. There were two of these large sandwiches made:

Picnic Chicken Salad from

Next, I added the red butter lettuce and tomato slices:

Picnic Chicken Salad from

And, then, it was time for the top bun:

Picnic Chicken Salad from

Like I said, we wrapped the whole thing up in plastic wrap and foil and put it in the cooler and then sliced it up when we arrived. The bread stayed yummy and didn’t get soggy. We had a wonderful time at the park. Lunch was delicious, my parents were there, and our little one really enjoyed the play equipment…it was a great afternoon. There were a few slices of sandwich remaining and they were equally yummy the next day.


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