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Cherry, Strawberry, Pineapple Smoothie with Cocozia Coconut Water

Cherry Smoothie with Coconut Water by MyLifeAsRobinsWife.comHave you ever had coconut water?  I did a few weeks ago when I received a case of Cocozia Coconut Water to try.  The coconut flavor was so present and it was super refreshing.  Here is something I didn’t know before receiving the Cocozia Coconut Water.  For 70 calories, you get 730 mg of Potassium, 6% of your Calcium, 8% of your Iron, and 20% of your Magnesium for the day.  I had no idea!  I am also glad to know that Cocozia Coconut Water is organic!  It is a win all around!

My children were not quite used to the taste and were not as fond of it as I was. But, with all that goodness, I wanted them to enjoy it too so I made this smoothie and they were THRILLED!  I have made it two times now and each time, it has been completely consumed!  I like the background flavor the coconut adds, and I especially like the nutrients!

Now I need to stock up on more Cocozia Coconut Water!


Try it out sometime!  You will be glad you did!

Coconut Water Smoothie by


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