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Caught Between a “Get to” and a “Have to”

Caught Between a "Get to" and a "Have to" Do you ever get caught between the “get to” and the “have to”? It may sound like a small distinction, but in reality, there is such a distinct difference in these two phrases that I find myself using. Here are some examples:

I “have to” clean my house. Or…try this…”I get to” take care of my family by cleaning our house.


I “have to” drive my daughter to class. Or, I “get to” drive my daughter to class.

Do you see the difference yet? For me, it is an attitude. When I get caught in the “have to” of the moment…my joy has been robbed. When I “have to” I am often being taken away from something that I really would rather be doing. And, often, this statement means that I have lost perspective.

Hmmm…I “have to clean my house”. Yes, the house needs to be cleaned. Yes, I am the one who usually cleans it. But, I must choose to remember it is a blessing to be a stay at home mom and get to care for my family full-time. I “get to” be a stay at home mom. This is something that I prayed for and God has given me. I asked for this and am thrilled and thankful…almost all of the time…It is NOT a “have to”. There is nothing I would rather do when my perspective is correct. 🙂

And, when I am thinking that I “have to” drive my daughter to class, I am missing out. I am forgetting that we “get to” have time together in the car. We “get to” enjoy talking and spending time together. And, while she is in class, I have some time with my little ones. What a great opportunity to go to the park or for a walk. When I think “have to” I miss this.

I wish I could say that this isn’t a normal struggle for me, but it is…I do struggle here. I am learning and growing through this currently and grateful for progress. But, I long for so much more. I am thankful that as I think on what God’s Word has to say about finding joy in the lives we have and as I ask the Lord to help me change my speech, that subtle attitude I find will follow as well. I am SO grateful that ultimately that it is a biblical perspective that will change both the attitude and the speech.

I have SO much to be thankful for and while I am tempted to say I “have to” remember that…I will keep in line with changing my speech and attitude and say I “get to” remember how much God has blessed me and that the daily tasks are so much more than just daily tasks. When done for the Lord, they are so much more. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Rosey says:

    A very simple and effective way to turn burden into blessing. I love it, and I’ve already used it. Pretty certain I’ll use it often because it’s a great one. 🙂

  2. Amanda Jones says:

    Yes… Yes… Yes! My mother in law once pointed this out to me and I don’t follow nearly as much as I should. What a blessed life we live that we GET TO do so much (even when we “have to”… it is still a privilege and blessing that we GET TO!) Thank you so much for this message! Blessings to you!


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