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Mini Shepherd Pies

Quick and Easy “Use What You Have” Shepherd’s Pie

As I have mentioned, we have had the privilege of welcoming a little sweet baby into our home for a time…and, some of the sweet members of the mom’s group I attend through our church decided that they would help out by bringing us meals 3 times a week for…

Quick and Easy Tortilla Pizza

Quick and Easy Tortilla Pizza – BBQ Chicken Style

Here is a very quick meal I prepared this past Saturday night. We had some rotisserie chicken I wanted to use and all the fixings for a creative pizza, but no time to make dough. So, here is what I did: First, I melted a tablespoon of coconut oil into…

Roasted Chicken with Orange Juice and Zest

Add a Flavor Zap to your Roast Chicken

When I roast a chicken, I first wash it and dry it and then for the most basic chicken I just rub some olive oil on the white meat and then add salt and pepper. I have made variations stuffed with celery and onion or citrus and sprinkle with poultry…

Ground Beef Stroganoff Soup

Southwestern Ground Beef Stroganoff Soup

As noted in yesterday’s post, last Thursday was a very full day! I am thankful for dinner ideas like this one that can be pulled together in a few minutes and be satisfying and delicious. Besides cutting my finger…trying to go to fast…this was simple to put together and filled…

Sloppy Tri-tip Sandwiches

Sloppy Tri-tip Sandwiches

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My husband grilled tri-tip and we had leftovers…instead of tri-tip salad, a request for sandwiches was made…I am so glad the request was made because we enjoyed these. 🙂 Even our little son ate tri-tip. 🙂 Here is what you do: Begin by melting 2…

Classic Chinese Chicken Salad

Classic Chinese Chicken Salad

We really enjoy salads for a meal around here. This is a favorite that is usually purchased from a local restaurant, but this time, we made it at home…next time we will actually make the dressing as well, but this time we used a yummy bottled dressing we bought at…

Pancetta and Marscarpone Scramble

Pancetta and Marscarpone Scramble

Generally on Sunday mornings we are caught in a happy hustle out of our home to get to church. We are running to and fro to be prepared and to leave on time. There is generally loud Christ-centered music blaring from the speakers and singing going on as well. 🙂…

Seriously Good Salmon Cakes

Seriously Good Salmon Cakes

Have you ever eaten something you have made and thought, “Wow, that is seriously good!”. Well, today, I did just that. These salmon cakes are seriously good! Especially with the Citrus and Herb Yogurt Sauce my daughter and I made to go on top! Yummy! Here is what we did:…

Popcorn Chicken Salad

Popcorn Chicken Salad

Do you remember, a few weeks ago, I made the best ever Popcorn Chicken? Well, I made it on a night when my husband and I were going out on a date…so, we only had very little…just a taste :). I knew I needed to make it again so I…

Not After Thanksgiving Turkey Noodle Soup.jpg

“Not After Thanksgiving” Turkey Noodle Soup

Have you ever wanted turkey soup, but it isn’t any where near November? I have…in fact, I just did. Thankfully, while at Sprouts, I came across packages of turkey legs. So, for about $5.00 worth of turkey legs, we were able to enjoy this yummy soup. Here is what I…


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