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Classic Chinese Chicken Salad

Classic Chinese Chicken Salad

We really enjoy salads for a meal around here. This is a favorite that is usually purchased from a local restaurant, but this time, we made it at home…next time we will actually make the dressing as well, but this time we used a yummy bottled dressing we bought at…

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Easy Satay Chicken

One of my husbands favorite things to eat is Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce. In the past few weeks, each time we have driven past our favorite Thai restaurant near our home we have said we need to go there. We are missing Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce (and, for…

Not After Thanksgiving Turkey Noodle Soup.jpg

“Not After Thanksgiving” Turkey Noodle Soup

Have you ever wanted turkey soup, but it isn’t any where near November? I have…in fact, I just did. Thankfully, while at Sprouts, I came across packages of turkey legs. So, for about $5.00 worth of turkey legs, we were able to enjoy this yummy soup. Here is what I…

Picnic Chieken Salad

Going on a Picnic…Chicken Salad Sandwiches

It is Chicken Salad Sandwich time!!! I am SO thankful that my parents are coming for a visit on Tuesday. I am looking forward to going on a picnic with my husband, daughter and one of our sons and my parents and taking them for a drive around the area…

Popcorn Chicken

Tasty Popcorn Chicken

Tuesday night was date night at our home so my husband and I were going to head out together for the evening. I like to make a special dinner for my daughter at times when we go out, so this time I made what ended up being called “Popcorn Chicken”….

White Bean Chicken Chili

Easy and Delicious White Bean Chicken Chili

I really like white bean chicken chili. I was reminded just how much I enjoy it when my friend made her version when we came for lunch. It was so delicious that I was inspired to make my version. There is something so yummy about green chilies and beans and…

Smoked Turkey Soup_wm

Smoked Turkey Soup

I have mentioned my husband’s Smoked Turkey several times…and where there is smoked turkey, there is also Smoked Turkey Soup. After I carved the turkey and we had the meat all set out for our New Year’s Eve Sandwich Station, I placed the bones in the freezer for safe keeping…


Fast and Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Tonight, I am not cooking in my home and am missing my normal kitchen tools. So I needed something quick, but yummy. I purchased my favorite, quick, packaged pie crust from Sprouts (also found at Henry’s and Whole Foods) and went from there. This pot pie recipe is a great…

Quick Sliced Turkey and Veggie Tacos

We were in need of a quick dinner and had some turkey on hand thus was born the Quick tacos. They were fast and tasty, especially since I had already prepared the veggies from the Farmer’s Market Trip. These tacos would also be great packed in a school lunch because…

Sausage and Sage Thanksgiving Stuffing

Time to make our thanksgiving stuffing! This year we will be celebrating at my brother and sister-in-law’s home. We are really looking forward to being together! Our family will be bringing the stuffing. This recipe makes a stuffing that is flavorful and near the middle of the road when it…


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