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Whole30 is changing our lives

Whole30 is changing our lives

In September of 2016, after a disturbing lab report from the doctor, I knew I needed to make changes if I wanted to be healthy and live. I embarked on my first Whole30 (learn more about Whole30 here) and it was truly eye opening. First, I stuck to it for…

Why I deprive myself

Why I deprive myself

This post could also be called, “why I do the Whole30”. Kinda the same, right? 🙂 Isn’t that really what an elimination diet or a reset is? A form of depriving ourselves for a time to reach a goal? We take away an immediate desire to gain a long term…


My Whole 30 Experience

Have you heard of Whole 30? I have and I am so glad! About a 8 months ago, a friend of mine embarked on the Whole 30 journey and while I wanted to join her, the timing wasn’t right. About 50 days ago she was doing Whole 30 again, and…

It's Not An Emergency

It’s Not an Emergency

But it’s an EMERGENCY!!! “Emergencies”, they are all around us. I am running late…I must get to…! We are all out of…! We need a date night…now! You need what for school tomorrow (at 9:00 pm!) The dog is out of food…again? Emergencies, right? Or are they? Our latest emergency…

Old Home, New Family by

Old Home, New Family

Our old home has a new family. We have moved. We are SO excited to have begun our new adventure…especially because it has been so evident that God has moved us here. The sale of our home is almost finalized and I am feeling a little nostalgic so I wanted…

When God Encourages You in Uxpected Ways by

When God Encourages You in an Unexpected Way

When God encourages you in an unexpected way…I am so thankful for those times! He uses moments like these to remind us of Himself, even in the mundane things of life. I had one of those “unexpected moments” this week at church, and it was fueled by my 2-year-old son…

Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Loving the Little Years – Chapter 5 “Spirited Riders”

I don’t know about you, but I think “spirited riders” is a good description for little ones (and some of us who are grown as well!). Are you familiar with how to control a horse when horseback riding? This chapter contains such a great word picture regarding controlling our emotions…

Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Loving the Little Years – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Loving the Little Years is titled, “Fruit of the Spirit Speed Quiz”. It has provided another opportunity to look into my heart. The string of quotes will make it very clear what hit me while reading this chapter. The author makes herself clear: * “My point here…

Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Picky Chickens – Loving the Little Years, Chapter 3

It is week four of my book study in Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovich. I am SO encouraged and thankful for this study. If you haven’t read this book, I would highly encourage you to. It is available at and worth its price. I will be posting…

Loving the Little Years - a book study with

Chapter 2 – Growing in Grace in the Midst of the “Rock Tumbler”

This chapter is titled “In the Rock Tumbler”. What a perfect title. If you have little ones, you surely understand this title and even find it a little humorous. When we as “rocks” sit by ourselves with little friction, we are refined in a much different way than we are…


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