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Whole30 Seared Salmon with Ginger-Caramelized Pineapple

Its day 4 and this Whole30 Seared Salmon makes it so much better! Sweet from pineapple and carrot and full of flavor from the bits of ginger and lemon zest…its sure to become a favorite and help you to get more healthy fish on your dinner (or lunch!) table! This…

God places people in families

God puts families together

  I am more convinced than ever that God puts families together.  Often through birth.  Sometimes through marriage.  And, sometimes through adoption.  Our family has a little bit of everything.  I am so thankful God has put our family together. Our family began to form on June 5th, 2009 when…


Why do I give my son gluten?

Why do I give my son gluten? This is a picture of our youngest son. He just turned 6. As a family we took him to The Spaghetti Factory. We have spent many special times here. It was a special occasion so I let him order whatever he wanted…this time…

Have you lost your joy

Have you lost your joy?

I wake up in the morning and launch into my day. Check in on social media…breakfast and lunches to make. Showers to take…mine can wait. Is everyone ready to get out the door to their commitments? Animals…did they eat? Do they have water? One to take to kindergarten…hope we make…

I was uninvited to my sons bday party

I was uninvited to my son’s birthday party

Can you believe it…I was uninvited to my son’s birthday party! I was so shocked! It happened just like that! Let me give you some background. Yesterday was my son’s 6th birthday…we celebrated as a family on Sunday after church and it was a blast…we played mini golf, we played…

when life disappoints you and those you love

Has life disappointed you or those you love?

Contentment celebrates grace. The contented heart is satisfied with the Giver and is therefore freed from craving the next gift. Has life disappointed you or those you love? This statement made by Paul Tripp in New Morning Mercies just jumped out at me. It is my continued longing to be…

why safer personal care and beauty products matter to me

Why safer personal care and beauty products matter to me

Why do safer personal care and beauty products matter to me? The matter to me because once you know, you can’t go back. Once I knew that according to the Environmental Working Group the hair cream I was using on my son had chemicals in it that contribute to developmental…

Its harder to stay where you are

It is harder to remain as you are

Do you ever have this conversation with yourself…it is SO HARD to change. It is SO HARD to exercise. Or, it is SO HARD to eat healthy. Or, it is SO HARD to keep your home clean? Or, It is SO HARD to…insert your challenge? Well, I’m working to change…


DIY Farmhouse Pallet Dining Table

We made a DIY Farmhouse Pallet Dining Table…well, actually, we made 4. Back in October, my husband was recovering from a massive heart attack (you can read more about our reflections here!) and was home from work for about 11 months. During that time we decided to use some of…


a gift for mom…planning ahead

A gift for mom…how is it that time passes so quickly and planning ahead flies right out the window. I am thankful to have been contacted by Uncommon Goods to review their Mother’s Day Collection. Mother’s Day is coming…May 14th to be exact! Uncommon Goods can certainly help us to…


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