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10 Ways to Serve Foster and Adoptive Families – Part 2

10 Ways to Serve Foster & Adoptive Families

There are times when you are not called to foster adopt children. If that is you, here are some ways you can still help. Thank you for coming back for numbers 6 – 10 in my list. I am sure so many of you have even more to add, so please do so in the comments! I would really enjoy hearing how others have come along side you in your experience or maybe even how you wished they would have. If you missed part 1, click here.

Here are my 6 – 10.

6. Be patient. The patience of friends and family is such a blessing when things are changing in your family. You may not hear from a family going through this transition for a while. It is not because they don’t want to hear from you. They are probably just exhausted. 🙂 They also may not be able to come to some of the same events they used to…but keep inviting them! Everyone likes to be invited…even if they can’t come. They are likely feeling a little lonely…so, don’t take the silence personally, reach out.

7. Share in their JOY. What parent doesn’t find immense joy in sharing their children with others they love? I know that is a great joy for me. One of the more difficult things for me is to not be able to share photo milestones of my foster baby on social media or on this blog. In today’s age, we like to post a quick photo of our baby crawling or taking his first bite of food on Facebook or Instagram. But, with a foster child this is not possible in the same way. So, find other ways to share in the joy of this new family. Ask about their child’s milestones. Celebrate with them.

8. Throw a Baby Shower or an Adoption Party. Speaking of celebrating…we had a wonderful family through a baby shower/adoption party for our family. We were SO blessed by their love and efforts. The day was so perfect. Little Joseph received so much love and prayer and kindness that day. And, I don’t want to forget to mention how many lovely gifts he received as well. He was stocked up on clothing. Received many books and trucks and balls and a wonderful double stroller since we have always intended to bring another child into our home. Joseph smiled from ear to ear all day. This is a day we will not forget and we will remind Joseph of often as he grows up. Amazing!

9. Pray. Pray for their new child’s transition. Pray for their birth family. Pray for the family welcoming the new child. Pray for extended family. Pray for details to fall into place. Pray for social workers…you get the idea. 🙂

10. Send encouragement. Cards, emails, texts…encouragement is such a blessing. Knowing that you are part of a team brings strength for the day. Being reminded of truth when you are tired sustains you. Your cards, letters, COMMENTS (hint, hint…), etc. are used by God in our lives!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read these ideas for how to serve those who are fostering and adopting children of all ages. Please add to my list in the comments…I know you have likely come alongside others in ways I haven’t even thought of. Or, maybe you fostered or adopted and felt lonely through the process and you have some suggestions that would have helped you through. Whatever the case, please share in the comments. I would really enjoy posting numbers 11 – 20!


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  1. This is wonderful advice! I think having a “baby shower” for a family who has just adopted is a wonderful idea – no matter what the age of the child!
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted…Construction Sensory PlayMy Profile


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