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Broccoli Cheese Soup – part 1

This week, our schedule includes a bit more running here and there due to an extra science lab that my daughter will be taking part in.  So, Wednesday’s meal prep begins today.  While cleaning and chopping our veggies for produce prep Tuesday, I also did the beginning steps of this soup so that when I arrive home Wednesday evening, I will just put on the finishing touches and dinner will be on the table.

First, I roughly cut up two bunches of broccoli and placed it into a large pot.

Then I covered the broccoli with 4-6 cups of coconut milk and then add 1 small chopped onion. I use coconut milk to add richness without adding any dairy products at this stage. It makes it rich and creamy. As a side note, I also do this with corn chowder for a wonderful, creamy, vegan version of that soup.

Add, salt and pepper to taste

And cover the pot with a lid while cooking for about 20 minutes.

I cooked the soup until the broccoli was tender. Once the broccoli mixture has cooled, it is time to puree it. This step can be done with an immersion blender (which is easiest), a blender, or in my case, I used the food processor since it was already out. Also, because I used my immersion blender so often that it finally cried for mercy.

As I pureed it in small batches, I moved it into another pot and stored it in the refrigerator until I need it tomorrow.

Next, I did decide to also shred the cheese today. Here is a simple, and less messy way to grate cheese. I placed the grater in the bottom of a ziploc bag and then shredded.

At the end, I just moved the bag up to the top of the grater and then removed the grater and sealed the bag.

Now, it is ready for tomorrow when I finish off the soup.

I am so grateful for these prep days that allow me to have good, healthy food ready for my family…even when I am busy. Tomorrow I will post part two when I put the finishing touches on this delicious soup.

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