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Because He Loves Me – There is NO Condemnation

I am not sure why, but this has been a very difficult chapter reflection to put into words. I likely comes from my personality that always likes to do things as “perfectly” as possible. And, from the part of me that likes to be appreciated…a little, but not too much as to draw attention to me. And, the part of me that feels much satisfaction when I have done “my best”…which translates into, all of the plates are spinning properly, and the house is clean, including my children’s rooms 🙂 This also comes from the part of me that gets very discouraged when the plates aren’t spinning, the house needs to be cleaned, we have fallen behind in math, and I have not done the baby’s laundry or maybe any laundry. Or, the garden isn’t planted, I haven’t gone to the gym in more months that I can count, and the couches need to be washed. As I write this list, I see how much my joy is derived from my works. I find my encouragement from my works and how well and completely they are done and how much they are appreciated my family. And, I am also discouraged by my works, and what didn’t get completed or noticed. Why is it so difficult to move from this wrong thinking to the truth in God’s Word?

Fitzpatrick writes: “If I try to be satisfied in my own accomplishments or identity, I’ll never know the comfort He promised. ‘Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden,’ He calls, ‘and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gently and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light,’ (Matt. 11:28-30). When I come to Him in meekness and dependence, I’ll learn the difference between proud self-condemnation (which is all about me) and humble conviction of sin (which is all about Him, His grace, and His law).”

I must find my encouragement in Him. Here comes a long quote from Because He Loves Me

“He took it all-the sin we committed in our youth, the sin we committed before our conversion, the sin we committed today, and the sin we’ll commit tomorrow. He didn’t just bear the punishment for the time when we were trying to be good but flubbed up a little. He bore God’s wrath for every time when we knew we shouldn’t speak the way we were about to speak, but did it anyway. He received the righteous sentence for every unkind, lustful, selfish, wrathful, covetous, apathetic, vain, proud, dishonest, perverse thought, word, and deed that has ever proceeded from our hearts. The Father poured out all His wrath on His Son. There is no more left for you or me. He won’t condemn you now because condemning the innocent is an abomination to Him, and that’s what He says you are: innocent. He won’t punish you for your sins because to do so would be unjust; someone’s already paid for those sins, and it would be unfair to punish you for them again.”

There were several other concepts in this chapter that were helpful, but, this is the concept I need to let steep in my mind. I must “fully embrace my sinfulness” and fully embrace the fact that I am justified in Him. I am in Christ. I am a new creation. I must find my encouragement here. It is that simple. I must serve Him in grateful obedience and find my joy in that, not in anything to do with my circumstances or performance.

I must remember that He still loves me, even when I fail. Fitzpatrick reminds us that, “His love came to us when we were His enemies. Why would He leave us now that we’re his beloved children.” I must let my mind steep here…I am loved by God. He calls me Friend. And, this is not because of what I do, but simply because He sees me as forgiven in His Son, Jesus.

Joy based here, in this truth, will not give way to discouragement. He loves me, always!

Because He Loves Me Book Study

6 Responses

  1. Kendra says:

    Wow!! You have expressed many of my thoughts almost exactly! Thanks for that.

  2. Maggie says:

    I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I just finished your whole blog in one day. A friend of mine liked your fb page and I was immediately drawn to your little blurb about your family and home. My home is not a place that we have been happy to be in lately, not that we’ve been consistently unhappy, but I’ve been a bit stressed. I started looking around your blog for help in that department. Then I was just drawn in. We get farm fresh to you as well. I started Because He Loves Me, but then set it on a shelf and didn’t finish it. And I love mason jars! You’ve inspired me to make better use of our box produce (and grocery produce, for that matter) by using mason jars, prepping dinner in the morning, and pulling that lovely book of the shelf. I should’ve “pinned” as I read, but I’ll have to do that another time. 😉 I’m so excited to have “met” you. 🙂

    • Diane Marie Haller says:

      Maggie, thank you so much for your kind comment and for taking the time to take a peek into our lives and home! I am humbled and encouraged tonight as I read your comment. God is SO good to have given us both encouragement through one another. 🙂 I am glad to have “met” you as well and look forward to more comments and interaction. 🙂 Blessings to you! And, feel free to “pin away”! 🙂 That is another thing we have in common…Pinterest! What a great site!

  3. Maggie says:

    I’m just now getting the hang of pinterest, after being signed up for over 6 months! I just confirmed and my friend that liked your page goes to your church and you blessed her with a meal after her Lottie was born. Jen. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 🙂

    • Diane Marie Haller says:

      Of course, I know Jen! Little Lottie is very sweet! 🙂 It is always fun to see what connections you have with one another. It is a surprisingly small world! Blessings to you!


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