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Arriving on a Doorstep Near Me…

Tomorrow is the day! It will be Produce Prep Tuesday and I am looking forward to it! This past week was a busy one. To our normally busy week we added, science lab 1 hour away at 8:00 in the morning, a night in a hotel just for fun, dinner out with our son, a marriage conference where my husband and I had the privileged of serving, a parent education meeting at our Home School Academy, making a batch of 50+ cake pops, and, attending a mom’s group I am a part of at church. On Sunday, my husband gave me the “day off” and took care of everything and everyone (including me!) while I rested as much as I wanted and regained clear thinking. I am SO grateful for that gift!

It is probably needless to say that although we did use much of the veggies and fruits in the fridge, my recipes were not only un-original (they were “original” because they were originally mine…but, not creative 🙂 ), but they were also un-written and un-photographed. 🙂 So, I am looking forward to the simplicity of a normal week in our home and looking forward to having the time to resume creativity and pre-planning of recipes.

Here is what is coming in the box this week:

4    Haas Avocado (maybe there will be guacamole!)
2    Delicata Squash, winter (excited about developing something here)
2    Bunched Carrot (carrot muffins?)
3    Mixed Bell Pepper (may have to stuff these!)
2    Red Radish (a favorite of my husband)
1    Bulb Fennel (hmmmm…this will be fun!)
1    Lacinato / Dino Kale (back to the Cornucopia of Kale Recipes)
1    Treviso Radicchio (research needed…I exhausted my creativity this week on this one)
1    Green Romanesco (Yum!)
1    Baby Broccoli (will combine with last weeks to make something delicious!)
1    Fresh Celery (another favorite of my husband)
4    Fuji Apple (Yum, Yum!)
4    Bosc Pear (I see a pear dessert in our future)
4    Valencia Orange (refreshing!)
2    Ruby Grapefruit (also refreshing!)
2    Fuyu Persimmon (will be researching this one!)
1    Leaf Lettuce (Yea for Salad!)

Stay tuned for a week of fun in our kitchen! If you have any suggestions for the persimmon or the Bosc pears please pass them my way! I will eagerly welcome them! Blessings to you!

2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Ah, guac! I’m sure your family will be happy with that option! I still use my “Diane’s Delicious Guacamole” recipe which you gave me years ago and always get compliments on my guac 🙂

    • Susan, I totally remember when we wrote that out! 🙂 I wish I had a copy! 🙂 I tend to remake the recipe each time because I never wrote it down for myself :). Maybe this time!


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