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Archive for May, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!

I am so thankful to be a mom! In the midst of the tiredness of having young ones and older ones, there is so much joy! We have such an amazing calling! So, as Mother’s Day approaches, my heart is overflowing. While it is nice to be appreciated by my…

family fun friday

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Tomato, Garlic, Onion and Cilantro Steak Marinade

I am going to post this recipe without any photos because it was SO good! Sadly, the photos just didn’t represent so I am leaving them out. But, this shouldn’t happen much more since I have gotten a used DSLR camera to begin taking photos with! I am SO grateful!!…

Is your sink sluggish...check this great fix out!

The Bathroom Sink WAS Sluggish….

I came across this post on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it. Could the baking soda I already have in my pantry have yet another use? Has your bathroom sink ever gotten sluggish? It just takes a little too long to empty out and then leaves a residue of…

Mini Shepherd Pies

Quick and Easy “Use What You Have” Shepherd’s Pie

As I have mentioned, we have had the privilege of welcoming a little sweet baby into our home for a time…and, some of the sweet members of the mom’s group I attend through our church decided that they would help out by bringing us meals 3 times a week for…

Gift Cards Galore 2

Come By and Join the Fun…It’s a Gift Card Extravaganza!

Good morning and Happy Monday! Monday might not be some people’s favorite day, but, they really aren’t that bad…but they are a little difficult to adjust to after having two days to spend time with the whole family home. Well, you can turn those Monday frowns upside down because I…

My iPhone Photo Case is Amazing!

Here it is! My new phone case arrived on Monday and it is GREAT! I have used it for a few days now and here is what I have found… For functionality: 1. It is sturdy…I dropped it twice and both the case and the phone remain unscathed. 🙂 2….


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