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Archive for February, 2013
Picnic Chieken Salad

Going on a Picnic…Chicken Salad Sandwiches

It is Chicken Salad Sandwich time!!! I am SO thankful that my parents are coming for a visit on Tuesday. I am looking forward to going on a picnic with my husband, daughter and one of our sons and my parents and taking them for a drive around the area…

Because He Loves Me – Chapter 3

One of the most freeing things in life is the ability to be who you are. Taking off the mask of perfection and revealing the “real you” to those around you is real freedom. There is no show to keep up with, no facade…we are flawed. But, in Christ, not…

Cooking Day

Cooking Day…Tacos, Soup, Chicken Salad, Enchiladas and Fresh Pinto Beans Day

Today I had a marathon cooking afternoon! I went to the store and when I returned home, instead of putting everything away, I cooked first. My motivation? This week is packed full of fun-filled things to do! I didn’t want to default to greasy, flavorless take-out. And, I didn’t want…


Homemade Roasted Romanesco, Tomato and Kale Pasta Sauce

This meal was made the night before I cleaned the fridge. You know what it is like to try and cook a meal when your refrigerator looks like mine did? I just stand there and stare… the usable food was slim pickings…and, I didn’t want to shop. 🙂 And, what…

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start….

No, that isn’t a new refrigerator…it is FINALLY clean! 🙂 Right about now, I am wishing I had taken an embarrassing before photo. Then, this would look like a bigger “fresh start”. But, let’s just say that three hours later, it now looks like this. Yes, I said three hours….

020913 Summary

Saturday Morning Summary – 2.9.2013

Happy Saturday everyone! We have much to be thankful for in this life. It is my goal to focus on those things today…and leave the thoughts of the things I wish were different behind. Here are this week’s posts! Enjoy! Tuesday: Citrus Marinated Berry Salad Wednesday: Because He Loves Me…

Popcorn Chicken

Tasty Popcorn Chicken

Tuesday night was date night at our home so my husband and I were going to head out together for the evening. I like to make a special dinner for my daughter at times when we go out, so this time I made what ended up being called “Popcorn Chicken”….

White Bean Chicken Chili

Easy and Delicious White Bean Chicken Chili

I really like white bean chicken chili. I was reminded just how much I enjoy it when my friend made her version when we came for lunch. It was so delicious that I was inspired to make my version. There is something so yummy about green chilies and beans and…

Because He Loves Me – Chapter 2

This is a GREAT chapter! There were so many truths that got me thinking, but one in particular stood out to me and really has gripped my thoughts since reading it. Elyse Fitzpatrick writes: “In Peter’s second epistle he lists the character traits that mark a believer’s life: faith, virtue,…

Citrus and Oregano Marinated Berry Salad

Citrus and Oregano Marinated Berry Salad

On Monday afternoon I was looking for a fresh and light side dish to go with the Chicken Chili I was serving. We already had some tortilla chips and guacamole on the side, so this called for some fruit. With strawberries and blackberries in the fridge I was on my…


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