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Archive for September, 2012

The Boxes are Here!

This morning, around 4:20 am, we received a special delivery on our porch. The boxes were here! Here is what was inside: For all of you list makers (like me :)), here is the list: 2 Valencia Oranges, 4 Jonagold Apples, 3 Fuji Apples, 1.5lb Autumn Royal Grapes, 5 Black…

The Fridge is Bare…

The last jar of lettuce will become salad for dinner and then…guess what! We used it all!! The refrigerator is bare! Time for a farm delivery! Stay tuned for Produce Prep Tuesday!

Shrimp & Bacon Fried Rice

What could be better in rice than Shrimp and Bacon. It smells and tastes great! Thus begins my rationale that a recipe with shrimp and bacon would be the perfect combination to stand up to the flavor of collard greens. Remember these? They are the final hold out from last…

Goals for Christian Marriages

Our Life Group from church is doing a practical study on building teamwork in our marriages. On Thursday night, during our weekly meeting, we spent some time brainstorming our goals for our marriages. It was an encouraging time to spur one another on toward teamwork in our homes. There are…

Too Many Plums!

Have you ever had too many of something just hanging around in your kitchen? In my case, right now, it is plums. This is another item that comes each week and while we really do like them, we just haven’t been able to keep up. So, they just hang out…

Advice for Engaged and Newlywed Women – Reblogged

Our Bible study has been studying practical ways to have God honoring marriages where we, as husbands and wives, work together as a team. I am thankful to have stumbled upon this post by “Grace Full Mama”. This is the story we must proclaim when it comes to Christian Marriage….

Stuffed Sweet Peppers, Enchilada Style

Many times when my farm box arrives, there is a little bag of sweet peppers and I think, what will I do with all of these peppers? I’ll chop a few up and put them in a salad, or I sauté them in a dish, but I have never actually…

Farm Box Soup

In our home, where you have a meal with roast chicken one day, you will also have soup with homemade chicken stock another day.  I like to purchase organic chickens and they are definitely more expensive than their non-organic counterparts.  Sadly, you won’t see a “99 cents a pound sale”…

What is Kohlrabi?

Up until a few months ago I had never heard of Kohlrabi. Then…it arrived in my farm box.   Although it looked a little strange because of the somewhat bumpy exterior, it resembled a turnip or a rutabaga. These I am familiar with, but have only used them in soups….

Zucchini Bread – Kicked up a Nutritional Notch

I did some research this morning and came up with this recipe which is a compilation of about 5 of the different recipes I found. I combined the idea of filling the loaves with produce, with using whole wheat flour and then adding a little sweetness with the chocolate chips….


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