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Archive for July, 2010

The Faithfulness of Jeremiah

The last couple of weeks, Sunday’s messages at church have been from the book of Jeremiah.  He is aptly called the Weeping Prophet.  He had God’s Message to proclaim and the people did not want to hear it.  They wanted to hear from the false prophets that were proclaiming peace and…

Psalm 1 – Walking with the Wise

I am so grateful for Psalm 1. This may seem like an unnecessary statement. Yet, this morning as I read Psalm 1 again,  I am reminded of the wisdom there is in surrounding oneself with those who are wise.  I must walk, stand and sit with the wise, not the wicked,…

Back to Blogging

This is an attempt to return to blogging.  I sincerely enjoy writing about what the Lord is teaching me through His Word and through life.  More than anything it helps to cement lessons more deeply as I ponder them more thoroughly in order to put them into words.  So, please…


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